Losing it like a White Girl

Yes, I know this title is a little off-putting. But let’s be completely honest with each other, it got you to start reading didn’t it? Now this post probably isn’t going to be what you expected but it will make you giggle if not laugh outright.

This past weekend was a momentous occasion for all basic white girls in the land…… LILLY CAME TO TARGET! If you don’t know who “Lilly” is then congratulate yourself on not being a basic b!tch. Lilly Pulitzer is probably one of the most iconic designers of basic white girls. She’s the one with all the loud ass looking carnival prints you see white preppy girls running around in. She also shot to fame with the Help of Mrs. Jackie O back in the 60’s.


Well Target made every basic white girl’s day by partnering with Lilly Pulitzer to do a small run of clothing, accessories & home goods. Sure Target’s done tons of collabs with other designers but this, oh man this was THE collaborations of all collaborations. You see LP ( that’s what we’re calling it for short) did two things they normally don’t do, cheap clothing and plus sizes. The highest size you’ll find on LP’s website is a 14 & most of the time that’s even out of stock. If you get lucky enough to find a dress in your size you’re looking at dropping $200 + easily. So when Target announced the collaboration it finally gave those of use broke basic bitches a chance to get our hands on a piece of the “Queen of Prep”.


I’ll admit I didn’t really know who Lilly Pulitzer was until I thrifted a pair of pink zebra print pants two years ago. The school I went to didn’t wear that stuff. Apple Bottoms & Roca Wear are a completely different story though. Those brands I knew. After doing a bit of research I realized LP had been around since the 60’s. And damn if her pieces from the 60’s aren’t awesome…. So I feel slightly in love with the vintage prints.

When I heard it was going to be sold at Target I thought awesome. But what I didn’t realize is that it was going to make every preppy white girl known to man lose their shit & cause a Black Friday esque environment. These women lined up at Target as if it was their sole mission in life to buy all the Lilly Pulitzer  they could. I knew how crazy the warehouse sales got in Florida but that had nothing on “Pink Sunday”. Further down south women were lining up the night before just to have a chance when the doors opened at 8am. The real smart ones got up super early & crashed Target’s website at 3 in the morning on that Sunday.

I liked Lilly Pulitzer but I didn’t like it Black Friday mayhem enough. It was only when I was sitting at the counter at Silver Diner at 9:30am after a guy asked me what “Lilly” was & why was it all over Facebook that I realized it went on sale that morning. After J & I got done with brunch I weaseled him into taking me by Target. I walked in at 10:30 surprised to see some items still left & in bigger sizes. I succumbed to the basic white girl lure &  grabbed three pieces in the sizes I needed then headed home. That’s when I started seeing the angry post across, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The whole entire collection had sold out within 10 minutes of the doors opening. I can only imagine the sheer chaos that erupted. This caused a huge backlash within the basic white girl community.Not only did it go completely viral it went national news as well. It was like a Mean Girl Pack started harassing those “nasty resellers” on eBay, Posh Mark, & Instagram. It was down right hate fun & not very christian of them to do. Being a reseller myself I saw it from both angles. It was no different from a Black Friday sale or waiting in line to get a pair of Jordan’s in my eyes, yet it wasn’t fair to those who really couldn’t afford the clothes who walked away with nothing. That prompted those snotty basic white girls to make rude comments about others & how they didn’t want cheap Target knocks offs so they’ll just keep buying the “real” stuff instead.




Since Target only does a limited run, if you want a piece of the Queen of Prep you’ve got to pay those nasty resellers ( of which I am one) for their time & effort of taking a beating to get those precious pieces. Unlike some other people I’ve got no issue in paying double what they got them since it saved me the time & hassle of standing in line. But that’s sure to make the most basic of basic white girls lose their shit.

Moral of the story don’t piss off those basic white girls or they’ll Mean Girl Pack your ass.



Don’t you just love a good meme?

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Dishes You Don’t Cook In….

Yeah you read that right, dishes you do not for the love of all things holy cook in. I’ve got enough dishes to feed a large army with but I’d never do it. We’re talking about vintage high dollar dishes.

For about 18 months now my collection has been steadily growing. After quitting my last job to be a housewife it really started to pick up. Why? I had unlimited amounts of time to troll eBay, Etsy, and a few other sites. The collection has grown so large its taken up one whole wall in the office & then some. We won’t talk about the stash of lids / cradles that I have falling out the closet either. Pyrex consumed me like no other. I literally hit every thrift/antique store once a day at least five to six times a week. By this time the Pyrex craze was starting to pick up. But not so much that the thrift stores knew what they had or other people were poaching my spots.

Before we go any further into this you must understand it was a straight turf war with me. I became such a regular fixture that store employees & I were on a first name basis. I’m still very protective of my spots but if I found someone coming onto what I considered my area, I kindly let them know to back off. If you were gonna have the ovaries to step into my zone I was going straight to yours on a BIA (Buy It All) mission leaving no Pyrex behind. Then I’d post my haul making sure that it was well publicized.

Yep, that was me, your crazy dish lady. About last summer Pyrex became super huge & prices started to shoot through the roof. Coincidentally that’s when I picked up my part-time job. My thrifting & antiquing time was cut back significantly but I had another form of income coming in, not just my eBay shop. That’s when I started going after the big hard to find rare pieces. Call it movin’ on up in the Pyrex world aka balllllller! J began to notice more packages coming in than leaving & took the opportunity to ask exactly when was I going to start cooking in them. With a horrified look I quickly told him these were not for cooking. I mean who in their right mind is going to put a $350 dish IN THE OVEN?! Not this girl. I’ve got beat ups for that.

Once the antique / thrift stores caught on to the Pyrex craze I stopped going as much. Instead I turned to eBay & estate sales to get my fix. Some people only like finding pieces in the wild. I’m not one of those. I’m more of the instant gratification type. Which is probably to blame for the growth of my collection. I won’t admit I’m a hoarder but I might be slightly obsessed with dishes you don’t cook in…..




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6 months later…..

Life tends to get in the way sometimes & that’s exactly what has happened these past six months. There has been so much that’s happened since I last blogged. There’s not enough time in the day to fill you guys in but let’s just say that these past six months have been good.

I made the decision to change my hair in the face of my impending oldness of 30th happening this year. You’re only as old as you look right? Besides throwing myself into my work, I’ve also been on a hardcore collecting kick in regards to my Pyrex dish habit. It’s expanded so much I had to kick J out of the office & move him into the much smaller space of the guest room. So far its worked in my favor. We’ve also decided to uproot our lives in Northern Virginia & move back down closer to my parents in Southern Virginia. J got a new job which requires him to travel 5 days out of the week so I figured if I was going to be kicking it solo might as well do it by friends and family. While we’re not moving ASAP we will be hopefully by the end of this year. It gives me enough time to mourn the loss of my thrifting and antique spots.  I’ve done some serious updating up the downstairs in terms of furnishings. Funny how the moment your finally happy with the way something looks you have to change it. But it’s a good reason to change so I’m happy.

I’ll be back on the blogging horse shortly but I won’t be posting as much as I was before. I also want to share all my awesome finds & tips I’ve picked up in regards to selling, buying, & swapping. Oh boy have there been some aaaaaamazing finds too!


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Checking off my list with a Comic Con

Being in the last year of my twenties has really put a lot of things in perspective. Besides the biological clock ticking. there’s a ton of stuff I’m trying to check off my list before I won’t have time to do since I’ll officially be an “adult”then. One of the many things that are on my list besides going to a music festival, going to Brimfield, and finishing my sleeve, is going to a Comic Con.

I’m a nerd just like the next girl but I’ve never been to one & I feel like it’s one of those things I need to do to verify my nerd status. Plus I wanna see all the awesome cosplay people! Not sure if I’d have the guts to strut my stuff in front of hundreds of people. J has been trying to get me to go to one but we’ve never had the time to go. That’s all changing this weekend! The fine people over at Wizard World have graciously invited me & J to come to the Richmond Comic Con this weekend! Woot Woot! Their line up is so freaking amazing but I’m really digging that James Marsters will be there. Cause let’s face it who didn’t like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Wizard World isn’t just hooking me up they want to share the love with all my readers & offer a sweet discount on tickets! Yeah read that right a discount!The Comic Con runs for three days ,September 13th, 14th, & 15th! All you have to go is click this link HTTP://WIZD.ME/RVABLOG chose your 1, 2 day, or 3 day admission then enter the word RVABLOG in the discount code section. It’s as simple as that & you’ll be seeing me this Saturday September the 13th!. Hurry though the code is only valid until Sunday. Come back Monday to see how much I fan girl’ed out over the guest appearances!


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The only way to explain myself is through reality TV gifs  & a little doctor of course.

I’m baaaaaaacccck! I know you’ve been asking yourself everyday where is Beth? Right?

Ok maybe not but still I finally had the urge to blog again. Since my last post I’ve mostly just worked, had a birthday, done a little dancing & tried oh so hard NOT to spend money.

You see I was suppose to go to Brimfield this year but it just didn’t pan out. However I managed to save a nice chunk of change that started to burn a hole in my pocket. A quick trip to Pennsylvania helped relieve me of that burning urge. J spent most of the time pulling asking me when we could go home.

After going on a buying binge I had a come to Jesus moment about blogging. I’d stuck with it for this long so I might as well keep on. Besides I know you guys love hearing all about my vintage addiction. Besides who else am I going to tell about my Fail Pinterest cooking recipes?

I also can’t wait to tell you guys about all my amazing estate sale scores. I’ve almost cried because it was so glorious.  But that will have to wait for another day.

It’s good to be back in the saddle again. Let’s just hope I don’t fall off again.

Until tomorrow Blog Land!

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