Checking off my list with a Comic Con

Being in the last year of my twenties has really put a lot of things in perspective. Besides the biological clock ticking. there’s a ton of stuff I’m trying to check off my list before I won’t have time to do since I’ll officially be an “adult”then. One of the many things that are on my list besides going to a music festival, going to Brimfield, and finishing my sleeve, is going to a Comic Con.

I’m a nerd just like the next girl but I’ve never been to one & I feel like it’s one of those things I need to do to verify my nerd status. Plus I wanna see all the awesome cosplay people! Not sure if I’d have the guts to strut my stuff in front of hundreds of people. J has been trying to get me to go to one but we’ve never had the time to go. That’s all changing this weekend! The fine people over at Wizard World have graciously invited me & J to come to the Richmond Comic Con this weekend! Woot Woot! Their line up is so freaking amazing but I’m really digging that James Marsters will be there. Cause let’s face it who didn’t like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Wizard World isn’t just hooking me up they want to share the love with all my readers & offer a sweet discount on tickets! Yeah read that right a discount!The Comic Con runs for three days ,September 13th, 14th, & 15th! All you have to go is click this link HTTP://WIZD.ME/RVABLOG chose your 1, 2 day, or 3 day admission then enter the word RVABLOG in the discount code section. It’s as simple as that & you’ll be seeing me this Saturday September the 13th!. Hurry though the code is only valid until Sunday. Come back Monday to see how much I fan girl’ed out over the guest appearances!


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The only way to explain myself is through reality TV gifs  & a little doctor of course.

I’m baaaaaaacccck! I know you’ve been asking yourself everyday where is Beth? Right?

Ok maybe not but still I finally had the urge to blog again. Since my last post I’ve mostly just worked, had a birthday, done a little dancing & tried oh so hard NOT to spend money.

You see I was suppose to go to Brimfield this year but it just didn’t pan out. However I managed to save a nice chunk of change that started to burn a hole in my pocket. A quick trip to Pennsylvania helped relieve me of that burning urge. J spent most of the time pulling asking me when we could go home.

After going on a buying binge I had a come to Jesus moment about blogging. I’d stuck with it for this long so I might as well keep on. Besides I know you guys love hearing all about my vintage addiction. Besides who else am I going to tell about my Fail Pinterest cooking recipes?

I also can’t wait to tell you guys about all my amazing estate sale scores. I’ve almost cried because it was so glorious.  But that will have to wait for another day.

It’s good to be back in the saddle again. Let’s just hope I don’t fall off again.

Until tomorrow Blog Land!

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Granny get your Girdle

There’s a lot of things I swore never to do in life. Shopping in the panty section of a thrift store is one of them. But after my last new old stock panties that sold so quickly I decided it couldn’t hurt. Let me preface this with I only buy unused items from that section. I kinda broke that rule a few weeks back though.

Since I’m wearing a lot of dresses vintage and non this summer I needed something to smooth my shape out underneath. Like all girls I’ve been taught that the only way to achieve that effect is with a tight set of Spanx & lots of sucking it in. If there’s one thing I hate it’s being uncomfortable in my own clothes. Spanx make me all sorts of self conscious & I dread having to put them on. For this sole reason I tend to stay away from body conscious dresses & have always envied the plus size women showing off their curves in those dresses. So I started looking into ways to make my shape work for me but also smooth out some parts. Naturally I started checking out vintage undergarments first. Then I stumbled upon the girdle…

Now before you start saying what?! I really didn’t know what a “girdle” was until I got into vintage. I just thought they were horrible contraptions that you never wanted to wear. But oh was I wrong. I took a chance on a vintage girdle I found for half off at the thrift store just to see what it would look & feel like. After bleach and a few trips through the wash I tried it on. And ladies I’ve got to say it isn’t bad at all. In fact they are 10 times better than Spanx. Yeah I said it better than Spanx. Not only do they achieve that smoothed out look they make you feel a bit glamorous & not like a sausage stuffed in a casing. Bonus you can easily take a bathroom break without having to peel your Spanx down or end up peeing yourself in the pursuit of trying to get the damn thing off. Besides there’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to get out Spanx at the end of a date if you stay over. Awkward… Now I’m a very firm believer in the power of girdles. In fact I’m so tempted to buy one in every color I can find.

So do yourself a favor ladies & release your selves from the sausage suit. Now break out those granny panties with pride!



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Head Hunting Lady Head Vases

Ok so I know the title post may or may not sound a little bit on the weird side. But I assure you it’s all perfectly legit & slightly old lady-ish. But don’t blame me if you start collecting these things.

In the world of old people’s stuff I’ve learned that you have to be diversified. Pyrex is still my number one money maker but when I hit a dry spell in the stores I always look for another way to make that money. This is why I come home with super random crap like medical models, vintage new old stock granny panties, 60s barware, kitsch salt & pepper shakers, & old toys. If I can make a buck off of it I’m bringing it home. This doesn’t always sit well with J but he’s learned to put up with it since it’s making me some income. Yesterday when I was browsing the shelves at the local thrift store I found loads of Pyrex but I kept looking in all departments in case I missed a piece or someone hid a dish. Side note People hid things at the thrift store to hold out until the 50% off day. Naturally I checked out the row of kick knacks & found a lady head vase. What is a lady head vase you ask? Well it’s a ceramic bust of a pretty lady that usually features hats, pearls, & other accessories with realistic facial features. They were mass-produced & could be found in gift shops from the 50’s to 70’s. Lady head vases didn’t just hold flowers a lot of people used them for pens or make up brushes. The one I found had been used as a pen holder. At first glance you probably wouldn’t think much of it but these things can go for up to $300 depending on condition & rarity. Though most are priced around the $50 range. I entertained the thought of keeping the vase but decided to sell it so I could get something I really wanted instead. Within 5 minutes of me listing it, it sold for a quick $22, not bad when I paid $1.90 for it!

Next time you’re out hunting or cleaning out grandma’s closet make sure to keep an eye out for lady head vases. They could net you a pretty penny!



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Weekend of Old People’s Stuff

It doesn’t happen often but I got pretty lucky on the unluckiest day, Friday the 13th! It didn’t even dawn on me that it was Friday the 13th until I got home from hitting my estate sales. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to hit one 35 minutes away from a company that has decent prices. Only to be disappointed that the set of bowls I did manage to grab was sorta faded by the dishwasher.

At the split second I decided to drive another 35 minutes away against traffic to hit up another sale. The pictures looked promising from the website & I had nothing to do. I figured I’d get there too late to get anything but as luck would have it I rolled up 15 minutes before they open & they company couldn’t figure out how to open the door to the house. While I waited I sized up my competition. There were 13 people in front & one Asian lady that had me worried. In the Northern Virginia area there are a lot of Asian ladies that buy up the Pyrex to send back overseas. Anything & everything Americana is super popular in China, Japan, & Korea right now. It doesn’t help that they’ve got deeper pockets then the average dealer like me. But she must not have studied the photos very well since I breezed by her down to the basement. And that’s where I hit the mother load. It was Pyrex and old dishes for days. I snatched all of it I could find then headed up to the bedroom closets. Two vintage bathing suits & a vintage Lord & Taylor dress later I was walking out the house within 15 minutes of arriving.




Estate Sale Haul! 

That pretty much got my fix on old people stuff for the weekend. When Sunday rolled around we decided to head into DC to walk around the city. We hardly go into the city as it is so it was a perfect time & weather to hit up two flea markets. J was a very good sport & let me go to two flea markets & didn’t complain once. The first one we hit was the Georgetown Flea Market. I was expecting bigger & the stuff for sale was only so so. They maybe had a 75 vendors and most of the prices are what you’d find at an antique store. Another down side was not having any food there. Normally when I hit the markets there’s always one or two food vendors. This place lacked in that department. Cutting our losses we went to The Flea Market at Eastern Market. Now that place is AWESOME. Food, Old Stuff & Artist every where. It was packed but totally worth the trip. I ended up scores two vintage dresses & some pretty sweet photography prints for the house. I will most definitely go back & bring a cooler to take advantage of fresh meats & produce. That market alone would make me move to DC but I love the suburbs way too much!



IMG_1054   IMG_1058






Two of the three Photography prints we bought. Taken by Joe Shymanski you can check out more of his work here







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